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April 2014
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Podcast #233 – We Have Chickens!

It’s probably been more than two years ago that we started talking about introducing chickens to our little subsistence farm. Yet somehow we always let other priorities shove them aside. No more. (more)

Podcast #232 – What Does It Take To Be a Subsistence Farmer?

More of our friends are asking themselves and us these days whether it might make sense for them to take on the kind of life we’ve designed for ourselves. We’re generally reluctant to give a yes or no answer, but we can lay out some of the things you need to be happy with this kind of life. (more)

Podcast #231 – The Care and Cussin’ of Weeds

We spend a lot of our time dealing with weeds. We’re constantly experimenting, looking for ways we can reduce that time. (more)

Podcast #230 – A Wicked Late Freeze

It was a long, hard winter. Then we loved the spring warming. Then WHAM! – winter was back. (more)

Podcast #229 – First Report on the Storm Shelter/Root Cellar

We’ve had more than a year of experience now with the sheltered space under the lodge we sometimes call the root cellar and other times call the storm shelter. (more)

Podcast #228 – The Great Raised Bed Do-Over

We love our raised beds, and we’re glad we took the time to build and install them last year. But we omitted what we now know was a crucial step. (more)

Podcast #227 – Subsistence Farming in a Zero Growth Economy

You don’t have to be all that astute to figure out that economic growth is pretty much done in the US. Sure, the mainstream media keep a steady drumbeat of optimistic drivel about how the economy is bouncing back and recovery is imminent, but most of us know better. (more)

Podcast #226 – Pruning Ornamentals

Our focus here at Longleaf Breeze is on growing food, but we spend hours in February pruning ornamentals too. (more)

We Have Bass!

Sunday afternoon I was updating our church’s web site as I do at the start of every week when I heard my phone beep to alert me to a new text message. (more)

Podcast #225 – Pruning Time in the Orchard

It’s February; for us here at Longleaf Breeze, that means it’s time for pruning many of our fruit trees. (more)