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July 2014
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Podcast #247 – What We’re Learning About Squash

Notice this is not “What We’ve Learned.” Growing squash – particularly after the first year you grow it – is a great antidote for the bighead. (more)

Podcast #246 – Invaders on Every Flank

It’s the middle of the summer here in Central Alabama, and we’ve come to see it as the peak of the onslaught of pests that seemingly delight in tormenting us and the crops we try to grow. Every farmer needs to whine every now and then; this is our chance to whine about critters and weeds. (more)

Podcast #245 – Can Subsistence Farmers Ever Vacation?

We’re back now from a one-week stay at our family’s cabin on Lake Martin. The good news is that the lake was quiet and beautiful immediately following the big 4th of July weekend, after nearly everyone had returned home. The bad news is that we don’t feel rested at all; we’re even a little relieved to be ending our “vacation” so we can get back to a simpler routine. (more)

Podcast #244 – Independence Days

We are eagerly awaiting the celebration tomorrow of Independence Day, when we Americans mark the fateful decision of a handful of men 238 years ago to sever the connection between the colonies in the new world and Mother England. (more)

Podcast #243 – These Long, Sultry Days

The days are getting shorter now, but they’re plenty long, and the continuing pattern of afternoon showers is keeping everything damp. (more)

Podcast #242 – Cracking the Code on Potatoes

We’ve never been big fans of conventional potatoes; we’re not excited about the carbs, and we’ve always preferred sweet potatoes. But if you call yourself a reasonably proficient grower of your own food, you ought to be able to grow potatoes, don’t you think? (more)

Podcast #241 – Chicken Tips From an Expert

We’re at that stage with chickens where each new day brings more knowledge, experience, and savvy. This week we had the chance to visit with Dr Joseph B Hess, a professor in the Auburn University Poultry Science Department. (more)

New Life For Neglected Tools

A good pair of scissors is a joy. The ones I inherited from my mother were just that, and they cut wonderfully. That is, they cut wonderfully until I left them outside on the trellis for more than a year. (more)

Podcast #240 – Gifts From Our Elders

From the cast aluminum pot we got from Amanda’s great aunt that we use for every soup we make to the knowledge about passive solar energy that keeps us comfortable year round, and for hundreds of other legacies in between, we stand on the shoulders of the giants who have preceded us. Literally and figuratively, they help us see the truth. (more)

Podcast #239 – Planting Pecans – Yeah, We’re WAY Behind

We should have planted the pecans back in January. February at the latest. Yet here we are at the end of May and they’re not yet in the ground. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. (more)