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December 2014
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No Podcast This Week

The Longleaf Breeze Weekly Podcast is taking a break this week. We’ll be back Christmas Eve with a fresh episode. Thanks for your patience!

Podcast #266 – Vinegar on the Farm

When my friend Chuck Till posted about vinegar, it reminded us of how much we have used vinegar in just the past few days here on the farm. So we decided to use today’s podcast to think through all the good things vinegar does for us. (more)

Podcast #265 – Slaughtering Chickens

We’ve talked about this day for months now, the day we usher aged laying hens from the coop to the dinner table. Yesterday was a milestone for us. (more)

Podcast #264 – We Are Thankful for . . .

We take the opportunity this time each year to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to stop and celebrate all the blessings for which we are thankful. And this year we have a full list. (more)

Podcast #263 – January in November

Here in central Alabama, November is traditionally a quiet, cool, pleasant month, when a light first frost nips the heat-loving veg, and then maybe a second one brings them down. November is also when we look forward to our first taste of frost-kissed brassicas like collards. (more)

Podcast #262 – Growing Fruit at Home

It’s the middle of November, and in central Alabama, that means it’s time to plan your fruit tree planting for December and January. That’s why when our friend and extension agent Mallory Kelley asked us to speak about fruit, we chose this time of year. (more)

Podcast #261 – Raising Baby Chicks

Oddie can’t participate in this one. Behind firmly closed doors in the shop next to our home, four tiny birds are exploring their new life, busily eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping. And sleeping. They spend lots of time sleeping. (more)

Nature’s Hope Springs Eternal

Yes, it’s November, and yes, a killing freeze is surely headed our way within a few weeks. (more)

Podcast #260 – Garlic Planting Time

We use lots of garlic in our cooking, so we always look forward to garlic planting time. We look forward even more to garlic harvesting time, but that’s a subject for another day. (more)

Podcast #259 – R.I.P. Summertime

This week we closed the stack window in the ceiling of our little home in the barn. In doing so, we switched from working to stay cool to working to stay warm, and we marked the unofficial end to another summer in Alabama. (more)