Podcast #272 – Here Comes Spring!

What do farming and retail have in common? You’ve always got one eye on next season. Yes, it’s cold outside as January comes to an end, but we’re thinking ahead to the vegetables we’ll be planting as the weather warms up.

This is the time of year when Amanda pores over seed catalogs, dreaming, scheming, and planning for the spring and summer.

Fair disclosure: this photo is misleading. Normally I would be manning that iron dibble, Amanda would be slipping in a seedling, and I would be closing up the soil around the seedling while she moved on to the next spot. When we're working efficiently,  we plant a longleaf pine seedling every 15-20 seconds. But somebody's got to take the picture, right?

Podcast #271 – A Few More Longleafs Every Year

We love longleaf pines. We love the soothing sound of a gentle breeze rustling through a longleaf stand; we love that they do most of their early growing below ground where it counts; and we love that they live many times longer than other pine trees in the south.

Podcast #270 – The Gritty Realities of Heating with Wood

We’ll continue to be glad we heat with wood here at Longleaf Breeze. It’s reliable, it’s cheap, it warms us more deeply than a heat pump ever could, and we just love the aesthetics of it. But – yeah, you knew there was a but coming . . .

We entered the month of August 2014 with only two pallets of firewood - about a third of what we needed for the winter. By the end of August we had all 12 full, but it was too late. Too much of our wood was unseasoned, and now our fires are harder to start.

No Podcast This Week

The Longleaf Breeze Weekly Podcast is taking a break this week. We’ll be back Christmas Eve with a fresh episode. Thanks for your patience!

The mug looks much better now. Still some scratches and discoloration, but the vinegar took care of the ugly brown cast and the worst stains.

Podcast #266 – Vinegar on the Farm

When my friend Chuck Till posted about vinegar, it reminded us of how much we have used vinegar in just the past few days here on the farm. So we decided to use today’s podcast to think through all the good things vinegar does for us.