What We’ve Done Right; What We’ve Done Wrong

As we start out learning to be subsistence farmers, we’re hungry to hear what others have done, the smart decisions they’ve made as well as the mistakes. So we want to do that for others. My hope is that this will become a semi-regular feature here on Longleaf Breeze. Continue reading “What We’ve Done Right; What We’ve Done Wrong”

Hoping for Mayberry

What will life be like when petroleum is no longer cheap the way it is now, or maybe not available at all? Are we heading for a Mad Max scenario? As Amanda and I envision Longleaf Breeze, the answer almost has to be no. So I was glad to read a thought piece on Energy Bulletin from Brian Kaller: Future Perfect: The Future is Mayberry, not Mad Max. Continue reading “Hoping for Mayberry”

Reveling in a World of 24/7 Servers

I’m a morning person; always have been. I can go to bed hopelessly confused about a vexing problem and wake up at 4:30 knowing exactly how to solve it. Sleep is nature’s reboot, and I’m grateful for it. So this morning I was up as usual about 4:30, and I began to gather several pieces of information I needed. In doing so, I took advantage of scores, perhaps hundreds, of computer servers that quietly run and run, never stopping. Continue reading “Reveling in a World of 24/7 Servers”

Cooking with the Global Sun Oven

From our first conversation about learning to be subsistence farmers, we’ve had a shared fascination about cooking with a solar oven. So it surprised no one when my Christmas gift to Amanda this year was a Global Sun Oven. We were expecting it to be an expensive novelty, but it has surprised us . . . pleasantly. Continue reading “Cooking with the Global Sun Oven”