Podcast #258 – Grandmere’s Neglected Garden

Amanda didn’t hesitate when our son Joe and daughter-in-law Michelle invited her to fly to CA to take care of our grandsons so they could enjoy a weekend getaway. Yes, flying 2,000 miles there and 2,000 miles back to serve as a babysitter for three days is wildly extravagant, but that’s sort of what grandmothers do. Continue reading “Podcast #258 – Grandmere’s Neglected Garden”

Podcast #256 – In Praise of Persimmons

Nearly every kid growing up in the South has at some point been offered a common persimmon, a small orange fruit that looks like it would be tasty but is in fact so astringent it will turn your mouth inside out. So when Amanda and I heard that people were growing persimmons in the South, we smiled ruefully and said no thank you. Continue reading “Podcast #256 – In Praise of Persimmons”