Podcast #121 – Critters in the Garden

Dealing with critters has been a continuing challenge for us newbies. From the initial deer devastation of the summer of  2009 straight through to today, we always have to be on guard.We understand we can’t protect against all damage from wild animals; life would probably be a dreary prospect if we could. We’re just trying to protect as much as possible. So today’s podcast is about deer, and then rabbits, and then squirrels, and then crows, and ending with assorted birds.

Listen – 16:58

The metal barrier deer fence I was unable to describe is a metal hexagrid fence. Interestingly enough in light of our conversation about getting in touch with our “inner Mr. McGregor,” we got it from McGregor Fence Co. Here’s a First Report on the Deer Fence that tells you more about it.

The three-wire electric deer fence around the orchard is also from McGregor Fence Co. Here’s a description of it if you want to find out more.

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