Podcast #143 – Presentation to Master Gardeners on Resilience

We were honored and delighted to serve Tuesday as the program presenters for the Central Alabama Master Gardeners Association, talking about our work to design more self-sufficiency into our lives here at Longleaf Breeze. Today’s podcast is a summary of that presentation. We cover our work to grow more of our own food, to use as little energy as possible, and to increase redundancy.

Listen — 38:22

Here are the slides to view on Slideboom as you listen

Amanda promised a list of  the 12 ways we can cook here:

  1. microwave oven in the barn
  2. induction cooktop
  3. toaster oven
  4. solar oven
  5. gas grill
  6. Coleman stove
  7. smoker
  8. electric range in barn
  9. gas range in lodge
  10. microwave oven in lodge
  11. low country propane burner
  12. fire pit

The water filter we’re hoping to give each other for our birthday is a Berkey Water Filter; we’re thinking maybe an Imperial.

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