Podcast #235 – Resilient Landscape Design: Way Past Pretty

We’re focused on food at Longleaf Breeze, and we think that’s just right. On the other hand, the Farmer-in-Chief is all about hospitality, so that also means we want to maintain a pleasant, welcoming environment, especially around the lodge where we welcome guests. So this week our program focuses on the approach we’re taking to aesthetics and landscaping here on the core campus.

The first principle is probably the most important: we already have too much to do, so we don’t need another hobby. Everything we do by way of landscaping needs to come pretty close to maintaining itself. So that means devising ways from the outset to minimize weeding, extra watering, and pruning. We’re on a limited budget. so that means most of the plants we use are gifts from gardener friends or trades from plant swaps. We’re constantly on the lookout for plants that serve multiple functions, like a plum tree that has beautiful blossoms in the spring, great fruit in the summer, and attractive color in the fall – and holds the soil all year long.

Listen – 18:25

The Longleaf Breeze Perennial Farm Calendar

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