Podcast #50 – Listening To Other Farmers

Woo-hoo! Our 50th podcast. And how fitting that we use it to acknowledge humbly how little we know about this whole “subsistence farming” gig. We had nice visits this week with a young farmer and an old one, and learned much from each of them.

From Jonathon Meeks, in New College at the University of Alabama, we learned how to recognize fat lighter, or “rich pine;” a cheaper and quicker way to build trellises, the possibilities for keeping goats, how to help a stump rot, and LOTS more. From Amanda’s Uncle Clyde, we learned his favorite varieties of tomatoes and when to plant a summer garden. Also: dumpster diving for cardboard, finishing the compost, whacking at kudzu, first taste of fall, grieving over good food getting thrown away, and updating the database.

Listen – 19:44

leejonathon-for-blogHere’s Jonathon with Lee on one of our walks in the woods together. Amanda took the picture, so you can’t see her.

A Composter’s Manifesto

One example of how we COULD be composting our food waste

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