Podcast #55 – Post Mortem on Our First Summer

It’s fall on the calendar, but more importantly here in Central Alabama, it finally feels like fall, so we’re ready to say the summer is over. How did we do?

Our original strategy, and why it failed. What we ended up doing instead, and why it worked. Brief use of air conditioner and dehumidifier. What we would do differently. More Planting even now. Reprieve from the frost for the sweet potatoes and tomatoes, but unfortunately, for the grasshoppers too. Our first hailstorm.

Listen – 20:27

Can We Survive Summer in Central Alabama Without Air Conditioning? – my description of what we planned to do to stay cool.

First Report on Summer in Alabama Without Air Conditioning – July 14 post about how we were doing so far.

Bidding Farewell To Our First Summer on the Farm – this week’s post with the most current info about how we did

Longleaf Breeze Construction Method – Analyzing the way we’re building the pole barn and the lodge and reflecting on how each element enhances the design

Podcast #49 – Row Cover for Fall Vegetables – describing how we erected the row cover and what we hoped it would accomplish

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1 thought on “Podcast #55 – Post Mortem on Our First Summer”

  1. Really have been enjoying the podcast this past week. It’s great to know there are great stewards of the land here in Alabama. Thanks for the info you guys put out there and keep up the good work.


    Steven & Diana Ledbetter

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