Podcast #71 – The Trees are Planted, but We’re Not Finished

We’ve planted 84 trees this spring. After another three that are on the way, the count will be 87. Still to come: erosion control and orchard floor, trellis lines, deer fence, drip irrigation, mulch, and pruning.

Also: start of spring planting on Veg Hill, another new trail, Japanese Maple grafting party, and all about soil blocks.

Listen – 20:58

The High-Density Longleaf Breeze Orchard – a description of the layout and contents of our orchard now that we have finished planting (at least for a while!)

McGregor Fence Co. – our source for the barrier deer fence on Veg Hill and now the electric deer fence around the orchard

Petals from the Past – our source for almost all our fruit trees

Irrigation Mart – our source for drip irrigation supplies

General Links:

The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

Join us at the (online) Longleaf Breeze Social

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