A Short Angry Epistle About Beer Drinkers

I’m not saying, mind you, that all beer drinkers are assholes. I’m simply saying there’s an unusually high correlation between beer-drinking and assholism.

I’ve been patrolling the roadside around our farm this morning, stopping periodically to pick up the trash thrown out by slobs driving by. By far the bulk of the trash is beer bottles and cans. All brands, all sizes, imported and domestic. Doesn’t seem to matter what they drink.

If you reject my assumption that there is a high correlation between beer drinking and being thoughtless and obnoxious, I suggest that you round up the two other people in the world who, like you, are clean, considerate, thoughtful beer drinkers, and go after the ones who are making such a mess. Arrest them. Prosecute them. Convict and imprison them. Prove to me that beer drinkers can be nice people too. Please.

2 thoughts on “A Short Angry Epistle About Beer Drinkers”

  1. I’ve been drinking beer since I was 16, have never thrown a can or bottle in an inappropriate place. Lighten up Lee, let me buy you a cold one! mds

  2. Well…. I do drink beer on occasion. And I quite enjoy it! But my bottles and/or cans always find their way to be rinsed and tossed in our recycling bin.

    However… having spent a fair bit of time doing some volunteering to clean up our local roads? I haved to agree with Lee. The bulk of the trash we pick up is beer bottles and cans. While the trash aspect of it annoys me, I worry more about the drinkers who are also driving on the same roads my kids are. God forbid we’d find a cop who sees one of them, though!

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