Advantages of Distributed Solar

Nice article on this morning, Snug and smug with solar power: keeping on the sunny side of the storms. The author describes her joy to be able to call on her solar array as a backup to the grid power on those (for now, at least) rare occasions when her grid power goes down.

As Amanda and I contemplate and plan for PV here at Longleaf Breeze, we hope we too can depend on grid power for many years, but we must keep one eye on the dots we’re connecting, indicating a stronger and stronger probability each year that there will be extended power interruptions happening on a regular basis. If those dots are right, and if grid power may be on the way to being off as much as on, we will all reap the benefit from any solar energy anywhere close to our home, particularly those installed by communities and churches.

We would love for our home town of Tallassee to get excited about photovoltaic power, but right now that seems a distant dream. In the meanwhile, we move forward with our plans and look to reach out to our neighbors.

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