Preparing for 100 Million Farmers in the U.S.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to those who care that the world’s flow of crude oil has already peaked. From now on, even as we humans continue seeding the world with more and more hungry babies, and even as we continue to dream that things are going to get back to “normal” soon, from now on the world will have less and less access to the high quality and energy-dense fuel it has quickly come to see as its birthright. Those of us who follow and understand peak oil know some (but by no means all) of what that means for humanity; those who don’t will be finding out within the next 2-5 years. Welcome to the post-peak oil age, where the women better be strong, it doesn’t matter so much how the men look, and average is a pretty sucky place to be. Continue reading “Preparing for 100 Million Farmers in the U.S.”