Podcast #102 – All Things Orchard

We’ve covered in some detail lately the considerable progress of the Farmer-in-Chief on Veg Hill. Today we shift our focus to Lee’s work in the orchard.

lsu-gold-fig-for-siteWe start by summarizing the progress we’ve made so far, what’s producing already and what we’re still waiting to taste. We describe the electric fence we’re installing to protect the orchard from deer and the progress we’re making keeping the orchard floor in an orderly way. We cover the advantages and disadvantages of trellising fruit trees, including how much fun Lee has puttering training and pruning in the orchard. We finish with our plans for winter planting.

Listen – 21:38

McGregor Electric Deer Fence.

Parmak Electric Fence Chargers.

Here’s the page describing Lee’s Quick Dually 36 walk-behind mower.

Here’s a post in February describing our approach to the orchard.

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