Podcast #156 – Our Faith and Subsistence Farming

We Americans have some really funny ideas about what Christians are like, what they believe, and how they vote. So there’s little wonder I was apprehensive when we set out to describe how our faith fits in with – and in some ways drives – our work as subsistence farmers. Now that we’ve had a chance to talk it through, though, I feel much more comfortable about the conversation; we hope you do as well.

We see God differently from the way many conservative Christians do, defined more by love and nurture than by power and judgement, more mother than king. Yet we know that deeply conservative Christians often resonate with what we’re doing here at Longleaf Breeze as much as anyone else, sometimes more.

We work to be in sync with God’s creation rather than battle against it. We find life and community in our church, Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, and our version of evangelism is all about being the loving hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We have to confess that, far too often, we fall short of our goal of following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Even in our failure, though, we know that God loves us and loves you too.

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  1. Neither my wife Gail or I was raised in The Episcopal Church, but that’s where we have been for the last 25 years. Your views sound very much like ours.

    There’s a long tradition of food self-sufficiency at monasteries. http://ssje.org/emery_volunteers.html. Emery House is a great place.

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