Podcast #167 – First Report on the Lodge

We’ve been using the lodge at Longleaf Breeze for several months now even while working to complete the punch list items. We’ve seen it in action enough now to venture a first report on how it’s performing. Most all the news is good.

bordens for siteIn today’s podcast we look at how the lodge is working for large groups (like my extended family just after Christmas) and for overnight guests, and we pay particular attention to how it’s performing on energy management. We finish with a quick look at the work remaining before we can truly regard the lodge as “finished.”

Listen – 19:52



The Longleaf Breeze Planting Database

The Longleaf Breeze Daily Farm Log

cabbage for siteApropos of nothing, isn’t Amanda’s cabbage beautiful? She harvested and photographed this December 30; I just found the shot today.

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