Podcast #39 – Surviving Without Air Conditioning

Amanda and I don’t normally argue with each other on the podcast, but when it comes to using a dehumidifier, we apparently decided to make an exception!

Also: design of the pole barn, “closing up the envelope” didn’t work, staying hydrated, and just getting used to the heat. We also talk about one of our June Gold peaches that’s looking poorly, Lee’s becoming a bush hogging fool, the variation in soil quality within Veg Hill, and maggots in the compost.

Listen – 21:20

Sunn hemp (post from June 20)

Can We Survive Summer in Alabama Without Air Conditioning? –  (May 9 post describing how we planned to do this)

First Report on Summer in Alabama Without Air Conditioning – (July 14 post describing what’s actually working and what’s not)

Brutal, Punishing Heat – (post from last summer describing my becoming disoriented from too much heat and not enough hydration)

Amanda and I may disagree about whether the dehumidifier is a good idea for us to use, but there’s no question that it performs its intended function. Here’s a link to the one we bought.

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