Podcast #54 – HACKED!

What a rude awakening this morning! We first found out Amanda’s e-mail account had been hacked when one of our dear friends called from our suburban home to see if Amanda was okay. Was she in fact stuck in London after having lost her passport and needing money to be wired to her to make it back home?

Well no, she wasn’t in London, but she wasn’t okay either, because she would spend the entire day reeling from the shutdown of her e-mail access and her access to Facebook. It was startling to see how vulnerable we are! Also: dressing up the farm for a baby shower, 10,000 hours to get good at subsistence farming, thirsty compost, and the critter inside the deer fence.

Listen – 17:22

Will We Ever Get Good at This? (about the 10,000 hours)

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